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Our Company

Himax IGI was originally IGI (Infinite Graphics Incorporated). In 2018, Himax Technologies purchased the 3D Mastering business and formed the new company Himax IGI Precision, Ltd.

Our Story

With 47 years as a precision graphics engineering company, with associated software development, IGI was a leader in 3D surface mastering and large area 3D mastering. Throughout IGI's long tenure, a large network of customers, suppliers, and vendors was established. To this day, Himax IGI is building upon the vast network IGI worked so hard to broaden.

Today Himax IGI can offer many ways to master 3D structures, including:

  • Direct write with optical laser or E-beam

  • UV and other photolithographic techniques

  • Micro machining & Diamond turning through longtime partners

Himax IGI can supply replicated and imprinted parts for all volumes of manufacturing, from low volume prototyping to high volume mass production.

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