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Masters, Stamps, Molds, and Shims for R&D, Prototypes and all levels of Manufacturing


Custom Patterns & Designs

Thanks to a variety of techniques and advanced manufacturing practices, Himax IGI has the capability to fabricate custom patterns & designs ranging from simple to complex structures. Below are just some of the examples Himax IGI is capable of making.

Rotated Mirrors.jpg

Micro-Lens and Micro-Mirror Arrays

  • Collimation and Focusing

  • 100% Fill Factor

  • Hexagonal & Square Packing

  • Parabolic Designs

  • Mixed Structures & Sizes

  • Aspherical & Anamorphic Lens
  • Vary Rotation by Position in Pattern
  • Freeform and Random Diffusers
Fresnel Lens Grating_edited.png


  • Linear

  • Blazed

  • Slanted

  • Diffractive

  • Refractive

  • Waveguides

  • Fresnel Lenses


Multi-Level Diffractive Optic Element

With the optical field advancing at a rapid pace, diffractive optical elements (DOE) continue to improve. With a multilayer/level DOE, efficiency can be improved. Himax IGI has a variety of tools and techniques available to fabricate your next DOE.

Photonics Media Show Case January.jpg

Wafer-Level Optics

Himax IGI offers wafer-level optics from design to assembly.

Bring us your desired application and watch as we turn it into a reality.

For further questions on Himax IGI's capabilities, please check out our data sheet!
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